Calling All Witchlanders

Calling all Witchlanders!
There is a preview of Susan Dennard’s Windwitch available on NetGalley! And this isn’t just a tiny sample of the book. You get SEVERAL chapters of the book, and these chapters, well, they’re INTENSE. 

Throughout these chapters, we swap POVs between the characters that we came to love in Truthwitch, and even between some characters that we came to, well, not exactly love. 
These initial chapters are action-packed. The stakes for all of the characters are already incredibly high already, making it so, so difficult to put the sample down. I simply cannot wait for the full version to be released on January 3rd now. This preview has catapulted Windwitch towards the very top of my most anticipated reads of 2017 list.
If these chapters are indication of what the rest of the book is going to be like, then it’s safe to say that Windwitch is not only going to be every bit as amazing as Truthwitch; it is going to totally blow it out of the water.

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