The Epically Nerdy YouTube Series You MUST Watch

Epic Reads is far and away my favorite YA Book website. Visiting their site is as integral a part of my morning routine as a trip to Starbucks. Not only do they have all the latest book news, they do tons of book giveaways, host the Book Shimmy Awards, and have the absolute best BookTube channel out there!
Some of their video series include:

· Epic Author Facts

· Top 10s – hosted by the hilarious Margot Wood

· Various games with Harper’s most popular YA Authors

· Book Quotes

· Monthly Book Haul – also hosted by Margot

· And my VERY favorite BOOK NERD PROBLEMS 

Book Nerd Problems is the funniest YouTube series out there for any true book nerd. They take the very serious life problems of dedicated readers and turn them into the funniest BookTube series there is, IMO.

There isn’t a true book nerd alive that can’t relate to these videos. I mean, who hasn’t snuck in reading during family parties, been a little TOO enthusiastic about book club, dropped a book in water *gasp*, psyched themselves out WAY TOO MUCH to meet their fav authors, etc. That’s all totally normal behavior, right?
Anywho, Enjoy the latest video in this series below and be sure to SUBSCRIBE!!!! You’ll totes thank me later.

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