Happy Birthday Jane Austen!!!

I know, I’m a day late! Yesterday completely got away from me, but it’s absolutely essential that I take a moment to honor one of my very favorite authors of all time. I ADORE all of Austen’s works from the novels, to the short stories, even to her published correspondence. It kind of feels semi-stalkerish saying that.

Hmmmm…anyway, everything she writes is just completely charming and her mastery of satire is truly impressive, especially considering how young she was when she wrote her novels. Austen would be 241 years old today, here’s to hoping that we continue to read and celebrate her work for at least another 241 years to come!



Jane Austen’s Completed Novels

My Favorite of Austen’s Novel

Though Northanger Abbey and Persuasion are closer runners up though!

Best Austen Adaptations

Which is your favorite novel by Jane Austen? Do you have a favorite adaptation of her work?

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