The Diabolic, The Book That Changed My Reading Life, is Becoming a Series!!!

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  1. TizzyMatic says:

    Wow! I’ve had this on my TBR list for a minute now due to being broke, and then there’s a press release detailing of a series. That’s crazy. I really need to read this before anything else happens. Thanks for the update.


    1. YAandWine says:

      You DEFINITELY should! I never would have read it if the indie bookshop where we host our book club hadn’t given us ARC copies, I’m SOOOO glad they did!

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      1. TizzyMatic says:

        Then that seals it. Book club? I’ve been looking to participate in a club or group. Any recommendations? I hope I’ll be just as excited and happy as you are now.

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      2. YAandWine says:

        So as far as book club goes, I would recommend going to your local bookshop and asking them what book clubs they have, or if you can start one there. It’s the BEST WAY to get a book club that actually wants to talk about books. Our book club has a Facebook group you could totally join too called YA and Wine where we talk books all month. It’s really fun!

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      3. TizzyMatic says:

        Alright, I’ll look to find if there’s anything around me. Can I join even though I don’t drink wine, lol? If so, I’ll join right now.


      4. YAandWine says:

        Oh totally! We hardly ever talk about wine in the online group. We just post a lot of book news, talk about books, and share any amazing book deals we find for the most part. You totally should!

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      5. TizzyMatic says:

        Okay, that’s great. I’ve sent my request and it looks like I’ve been approved already.


      6. YAandWine says:

        Yep, you’re in! Welcome to the group! Feel free to post about all things bookish.

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  2. Yes! You just made my day!😊 I think I ended my review saying that I was disappointed that this was going to be a standalone. Awesome news!💁🏻

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  3. YAandWine says:

    Right?! I just totally fell in love with that book and the world. I cannot wait for more!


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