Authors Step Up Their Preorder Swag Game

In the past couple of years, I’ve noticed authors and publishers seriously stepping up the quality of the swag they’re sending to people that preorder their books.

What a great idea! Since it not only gets us readers more excited for the book release, it encourages us to really go and preorder that book. We’re then left eagerly anticipating its arrival, instead of letting it get lost in the depths of our never ending TBR piles.

This post was inspired by the AMAZING preorder loot I received last night from Alexandra Bracken, yes she packaged and shipped it HERSELF, for her upcoming novel Wayfarer.

Here is some recent and upcoming loot for books I’ve preordered that I’m just SOOOO excited about!

Alexandra Bracken‘s Wayfarer Preorder Swag


This amazing package came with:

  1. A print of one of the destinations Etta and Nicholas visited in Passenger.
  2. Signed and personalized book plates
  4. Postcard-size prints of the other destinations from Passenger.
  5. And a HANDWRITTEN thank you card!!! I mean, what author takes the time to do that?! Seriously amazing!!!

Susan Dennard‘s Windwitch Preorder Swag


This awesome preorder bounty includes:

  1. One pair of Windwitch-themed socks
  2. One Windwitch-themed patch
  3. A signed bookplate

Stephanie Garber‘s Caraval Preorder Swag


Bring the world of Caraval to beautiful life with this swag, including:

  1. A map print of Caraval
  2. Caraval colored pencils
  3. Red Caraval backpack

Adam Silvera‘s History is All You Left Me Preorder Competition


  1. While everyone that preorders will get something, one SUPER lucky winner gets a trip to NYC, with a friend, to go hang with Adam Silvera! You’ll also get to tour his publisher with him, (HOW FREAKING AWESOME WOULD THAT BE?), attend his launch party at Books of Wonder, and an Owl Crate box. You’ll also get to hang out with Emmabooks and MichaelBookLion, two AMAZING BookTubers! I ALMOST don’t want to spread the word about this one, because I want to win SO BADLY!


Veronica Roth‘s Carve the Mark Preorder Swag


  1. This is some EPIC swag! If you preorder Carve The Mark, you get a never-before-seen Divergent epilogue called We Can Be Mended. From what I hear, this is told from Four’s perspective five years after the events of the Divergent trilogy.

So much SQUUEEEEEEEE over all of this amazing stuff! What preorders have you placed for 2017 books already? What books are you most excited to read? What swag are you most excited to get?

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