How to Become a Bibliomancer

Hello, denizens of Scion! (AKA fans of The Bone Season)

In all of my excitement for the upcoming release of The Song Rising by Samantha Shannon, I’ve been re-reading The Bone Season novels, and recently read the On the Merits of Unnaturalness pamphlet by “Jaxon Hall” as well.

In the pamphlet, I stumbled across a type of Common Soothsayer that uses books (BOOKS!) as their numen. Naturally, I immediately recognized that I, myself, am a Bibliomancer and have since been practicing my bibliomancy powers every day!

What is a Bibliomancer you ask? Well, Jax has the answer for us in On the Merits:

“Bibliomancer, also STICHOMANCER. used by many Clairvoyants since before the Middle Ages. A Book is opened at a random Page, or allowed to fall open from the spine. The first Word of that Page, or a Passage picked without looking, indicates the immediate Future of the Querent.”

How crazy cool is that Clairvoyant ability?! I highly recommend you all try it. I’ve replaced reading my daily horoscope with bibliomancy. Check out the Passage I selected for today:

This is a passage from The Bone Season, and given the title of my blog, YA and Wine, I’m taking this as incontrovertible evidence that I am, in fact, a Bibliomancer.

So give it a go, all you book lovers you! It’s a super fun way to start your day! And while you’re at it, check out my review of one of the hottest 2017 book releases, The Song Rising, here.

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