Highlights from the Ever the Hunted Launch Party!

I was so lucky to get to attend the launch party for Erin Summerill’s debut fantasy novel Ever The Hunted last night with my bookish bestie! It was such a blast! The author proved to be every bit as entertaining as her new novel, which I happend to LOVE. You can read my full review of Ever the Hunted here.

You know a launch party is going to be amazing when you walk in and see a cake like THIS! How STUNNING is this thing? Move over, Cakeboss!

We go to A LOT of book events, and this was by far one of my favorites. Summerill created a PowerPoint presentation all about her journey to becoming a published author that was HILARIOUS, informative, and really inspirational for aspiring writers.

Her pointers included hot tips like not quitting your day job, because the journey from start to published can take SOOOO long, nine years in this case.She also discussed how she subbed her first novel to 40 agents and got 40 rejections. And now she has this GORGEOUS published novel! I’m so glad she persevered, not only because it resulted in Ever the Hunted, but also because how motivational is that story?!

Summerill also talked about where the inspiration for the magic system she uses in the book came from. Apparently, she donated a kidney to her father when he was sick and in need, and the idea of being able to heal someone else with her own abilities really hit her. Talk about your ultimate idea origination story! I MAY HAVE teared up a bit over that one.

Summerill is a huge part of the Utah book community, and local writers/bloggers came out in droves to show their support. Which also meant that we got to hang out with some of our favorite authors (and soon-to-be authors)!  Kathryn Purdie (Burning Glass), Sarah B. Larson (Defy), Ilima Todd (Remake), Charlie Holmberg (The Paper Magician), Rosalyn Eves (Blood Rose Rebellion, 3/28/17), and Emily King (The Hundredth Queen, 05/02/17), and so many others. Seriously, Utah is an incredible state to live in if you love YA fiction.

It was an INCREDIBLE night! Thank you so much to the Provo Library and The King’s English Bookshop for hosting!

What author events are you looking forward to going to in 2017? Have you started Ever the Hunted yet? What do you think of it?

6 thoughts on “Highlights from the Ever the Hunted Launch Party!

  1. YAandWine says:

    Haha! Do it. You can come booknerd out with us! If you move here this month Veronica Roth, Susan Dennard, and Alexandra Bracken are all coming… I LOVE authors that will interact with their fans on Twitter.


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