Highlights From the Veronica Roth and Sarah Enni “Carve the Mark” Event

Wow! What an incredible evening! I had the immense pleasure of meeting Veronica Roth and Sarah Enni on Veronica’s tour to promote her latest novel Carve the Mark!

These ladies were so entertaining to listen to, AND I got to be one of the lucky 100 who had the pleasure of meeting them after the show!

Super big thank you to The King’s English Bookshop for bringing them to Utah! If you aren’t familiar with this amazing indie book store yet, check out their website and upcoming events here!

The night started out with a rousing game of M.A.S.H. The best part of which was when an audience member suggested that the lucky participant’s mode of transportation be “in Four’s arms.” 😂

They had some very entertaining discussion about various awesome fandoms as well as talking about Roth’s books and writing.

They also made some EXTREMELY important points about PTSD, anxiety, and mental health in general, which was such a huge part of the Insurgent novel, and which Veronica wrote BRILLIANTLY!

Veronica and Sarah also gave the audience some fantastic writing advice. See my super not professional video below. You can hear in the video that Veronica was not feeling at all well, but she still went out of her way to make it a special night for all her fans.

Then came the part of the evening when we actually got to meet these AMAZING ladies! If you’ve been following my blog, you know I’m a huge fan of both of theirs. I’ve posted some re-read reviews from the Divergent series. Check that out here!
I’m also a HUGE fan of Sarah Enni’s podcast, First Draft! Which if you love YA and listening to authors talk about their work, you NEED to subscribe to it! You can read a post I did all about this AMAZING podcast here!

Are any of you going to see Veronica on her remaining tour stops? Have you read Carve the Mark yet? Do you subscribe to FirstDraft? Tell me all the things! 

13 thoughts on “Highlights From the Veronica Roth and Sarah Enni “Carve the Mark” Event

  1. ezinwanyi13 says:

    You always look like you are having a blast LOL! I want to read that book because Tobias Eaton “Four” is still a book crush of mine but that ending just damaged our author/reader trust. Just like with the Delirium series that Lauren Oliver messed up for me.
    I think I’ll wait to see how she concludes the trilogy before I pick it up. I was just too gutted with Allegiant. This one looks promising though.

    Liked by 1 person

    • YAandWine says:

      So fun fact. Veronica Roth said she threw Mockingjay at the wall when she finished reading it, so she understood why a lot of people didn’t like Allegiant. LOL. And thank you! We do always have so much fun!

      Liked by 1 person

      • ezinwanyi13 says:

        I don’t want she’s talking about. I liked the end of Mockingjay. At least no major character was murked. This ain’t Game of Thrones! 😂😂😂. She better not say that to me because I’m still mad…as I’m watching my Allegiant DVD. The movie was terrible but I love Four😍. Theo James is everything…along with Chris Hemsworth and Henry Cavil

        Liked by 1 person

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