The Wish Granter Review

I was so, SO excited when I found out that C.J. Redwine was doing a Rumplestiltskin retelling. I admit, I had high expectations going into this, especially right after finishing The Shadow Queen, and this book did not disappoint. If anything, it exceeded any expectations I had. Redwine is a true master of retellings. She manages to make them uniquely her own while still staying true to the tone of the original stories.

Wine Pairing

The Wish Granter by C.J. Redwine

First of all, I just have to say how EXCITED I am to read this book, because Rumpelstiltskin is my favorite fairy tale of all time. I’ve been WISHING someone would do a retelling on this classic tale, and my wish certainly came true, so I’ll be pairing this Wish Wine Co. Cabernet Sauvignon with C.J. Redwine’s latest novel in the Ravenspire series!

*All wine recommendations are for strictly for those of legal drinking age only.*

It’s All In The Details

  • Title: The Wish Granter
  • Author: C.J. Redwine
  • Publisher: Balzer + Bray
  • Pub Date: February 14, 2017
  • Pages: 432

Goodreads Description:

30255943An epic, romantic, and action-packed fantasy inspired by the tale of Rumpelstiltskin, about a bastard princess who must take on an evil fae to save her brother’s soul, from C. J. Redwine, the New York Times bestselling author of The Shadow Queen. Perfect for fans of Graceling and the Lunar Chronicles.

The world has turned upside down for Thad and Ari Glavan, the bastard twins of Súndraille’s king. Their mother was murdered. The royal family died mysteriously. And now Thad sits on the throne of a kingdom whose streets are suddenly overrun with violence he can’t stop.

Growing up ignored by the nobility, Ari never wanted to be a proper princess. And when Thad suddenly starts training Ari to take his place, she realizes that her brother’s ascension to the throne wasn’t fate. It was the work of a Wish Granter named Alistair Teague who tricked Thad into wishing away both the safety of his people and his soul in exchange for the crown.

So Ari recruits the help of Thad’s enigmatic new weapons master, Sebastian Vaughn, to teach her how to fight Teague. With secret ties to Teague’s criminal empire, Sebastian might just hold the key to discovering Alistair’s weaknesses, saving Ari’s brother—and herself.

But Teague is ruthless and more than ready to destroy anyone who dares stand in his way—and now he has his sights set on the princess. And if Ari can’t outwit him, she’ll lose Sebastian, her brother…and her soul.


My Review


If you have not yet read The Shadow Queen, never fear. The novels in the Ravenspire series are standalone novels. So while there are a couple of fun references to that book in this one, you can certainly read The Wish Granter without having read The Shadow Queen first. I do highly recommend you pick that book up as well though, since it’s also REALLY good.

I am absolutely in awe of C.J. Redwine’s ability to retell a story in a way that still feels very much like a classic fairy tale, but is also very much its own story. Both of the Ravenspire stories maintain that classic Disney vibe Redwine’s got going on, but they are unique enough to keep from being predictable.

I think any fairy tale needs an excellent villain, and Teague is certainly that. He’s awful enough to be the type of character you love to hate, but Redwine does such great job showing his motivations that I was completely enthralled by his character. He was equally as fascinating as Rumplestiltskin himself.

I absolutely adored Ari as a main character. So refreshing to not have a willowy, delicate princess as a lead character in a fairy tale story. She is such a likable character, and her sense of humor and attitude are just too much fun. She is a great role model for young girls and a fun heroine to read about at any age.

I also loved Thad’s character. He’s probably my favorite in this book honestly. Sibling relationships are definitely another thing that Redwine does incredibly well in both books in the Ravenspire series.

I did like Sebastian as a love interest, though admittedly, not as much as I liked Kol in The Shadow Queen. I think that was mostly due to the fact that there wasn’t quite enough of his backstory for me. I would have liked a little more detail about his previous life and family, so that I could understand his personality a little bit better. But he definitely has that mysterious vibe going on, which is intriguing. And I do love how intelligent he is.

Redwine’s world-building is magical, and I’m so excited to find out which kingdom, and which classic fairy tale, will be the focus of the next book in this series.

Cover Rating


I love this cover! It is so BEAUTIFUL. I got an eARC from Edelweiss, but I am so buying a hardcover copy to put on my shelf, because it’s stunning and whimsical. Besides my copy of The Shadow Queen is lonely.

Swoon Worthiness


The romance in this one fell just a little bit flat for me with Sebastian. I just wanted more from him, more backstory, more insight into his character. I wanted to really understand him, and I don’t feel like that happened for me. That said he does have some very intriguing qualities like his intelligence and, admittedly, the fact that he is mysterious, which I know kind of contradicts what I just said. I just wanted to untangle a bit more of that mystery before the end of the novel, I think. Personally though, I’m Team Thad. Now he is a character that I could swoon over.

About C.J. Redwine



C.J. Redwine loves fairy tales, Harry Potter, and Sherlock. She is the author of the Defiance trilogy, a post-apocalyptic fantasy from Balzer + Bray. C.J. lives in Nashville with her husband and children. If the novel writing gig ever falls through, she’ll join the Avengers and wear a cape to work every day. To learn more about C.J., visit her website at Where you can find C.J.:

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | Pinterest |Goodreads


Thanks so much to Balzer + Bray and Edeweiss for granting me this eARC of The Wish Granter in exchange for an honest review. It was truly a pleasure.

Have any of you read The Wish Granter yet? Will anyone be purchasing it today to celebrate its release date? Have any of you read The Shadow Queen? What are your thoughts on the series?

19 thoughts on “The Wish Granter Review

  1. The Hermit Librarian says:

    Thank you, first off, for answering my #1 question: can I read this if I haven’t read Shadow Queen. 🙂

    Second, I’m very interested in this one because ever since I started watching Once Upon a Time I’ve become more interested in the Rumpelstiltskin tale. I don’t think I’ve seen many interpretations of it.


  2. sophiethestark says:

    This one sounds amazing! And great review, Krysti! I’m loving that heroine already, as well as the love interest (but could definitely use more swoon worthy moments hahaha) I’m super curious about the brother and the villain, too. They all sound pretty awesome, to be honest.
    I haven’t read The Shadow Queen yet but I might just get both 🙂


  3. Mandy says:

    Ooooooooooh I didn’t know they were standalones! That just makes it so much better! Ugh, you are so getting me in the mood for retellings! I need to go hunt shadow queen down now!


  4. yourdaughtersbookshelf says:

    I cannot wait to read this one! The cover is gorgeous and the story sounds SO good. I loved the Shadow Queen as well – and laughed when I read that you were buying a copy of this one to put on the shelf next to it to keep it company. I thought I might be the only one who did that! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  5. TeacherofYA says:

    I’m glad you liked this bc I was torn about reading it, and you’ve convinced me. I wish you had been on Twitter and voted on my poll! I was trying to figure out what book to order for my giveaway win! 😘
    I always trust your advice bc so far, we seem to like the same things!

    Liked by 1 person

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