2017 SerendipiTEA Tour Presents: K.M. Robinson author of Golden


I’m so honored to participate in the 2017 SerendipiTea Tour, a blog tour featuring some of 2017’s incredible debut authors, their books, and some amazing tea specially made to match! I’m also so excited to have been paired up with K.M. Robinson, author of Golden!

“Golden is a young adult retelling of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, where we quickly learn that Goldilocks was never naive…she was sent on a mission and Dov Baer was her new target. Auluria’s job is to destroy the Baer family, a mission she intends to carry out on behalf of her only living relative, her cousin Lowell. Once she meets the Baers, she realizes that they aren’t as evil as she was told and has to confront using their dark secrets against them. When she betrays everyone, she will pay the ultimate price, and when her deceptions discovered, even she might burn.” – K.M. Robinson

This book is full of unexpected twists and fun new takes on this classic tale, and did I mention there happens to be an, ahem, super swoony romance? For lovers of YA retellings, this book is simply one you cannot miss!

Book Description

Golden by K.M. RobinsonWhen the girl with the golden hair betrays everyone, not even she has hope of surviving.

The stories say that Goldilocks was a naïve girl who wandered into a house one day. Those stories were wrong. She was never naïve. It was all a perfectly executed plan to get her into the Baers’ group to destroy them. 

Trained by her cousin, Lowell, and handler, Shadoe, Auluria’s mission is to destroy the Baers by getting close to the youngest brother, Dov, his brother and sister-in-law and the leaders of the Baers’ group. When she realizes Dov isn’t as evil as her cousin led her to believe, she must figure out how to play both sides or her deception will cause everyone in her world to burn.

If her allegiances are discovered, either side could destroy her…if the Society doesn’t get her first.
You can find a free excerpt with special freebie bonuses here!
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Hidden Pictures

One of the many cool things about Golden is the chapter headers! They’re stunning and include some really neat hidden images. Check out this exclusive artwork from the book’s artist and try to find some of the hidden images inside!

Golden by K.M. Robinson- SerendipiTEA coloring sheet.jpg

About the Tea

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 4.37.28 PMThe Duluria tea is named after the ship name for my two main characters, Dov and Auluria. I designed it with the help of my author friend, Lyssa Chiavari, and the amazing tea designer, Jamah, who created it for me. It is a delicate, summery blend reminiscent of Auluria and Dov’s time near the pond in the woods. Readers will know just how important the scenes at the pond are to the story and specifically to what happens with Auluria and Dov.

Duluria Tea and Golden

There are a few times in Golden when Auluria and Dov have these quiet moments when it’s just the two of them and things don’t seem as bad. These moments are few and far between, but these are the moments I imagine the two of them would love to sit down and have a cup of tea together and just talk, and personally I would love to join them. I’ve always been a fan of tea parties, so sitting down with my characters or some friends and just have a nice quiet time to talk and be with each other would be such a nice treat.

About K.M. Robinson

K.M. Robinson author photo

K.M. Robinson is a storyteller who creates new worlds both in her writing and in her fine arts conceptual photography. She is a marketing, branding and social media strategy educator who is recognized at first sight by her very long hair. She is a creative who focuses on photography, videography, couture dress making, and writing to express the stories she needs to tell. She almost always has a camera within reach.

You can find her online: | Twitter | WebsiteInstagram Facebook|

Enter the Giveaway!

Enter this fabulous giveaway for debut bookish prizes including:

  • An Herbal Tea Package (MG Friendly) – 5 YA/MG authors’ ARCs, book-related tea, swag
  • One Shadow on the Wall by Leah Henderson – ARC (format TBD & not pictured), tea, swag
  • Vilonia Beebe Takes Charge by Kristin L. Gray – ARC, swag, tea
  • Soulmated  by Shaila Patel – ARC, tea, swag
  • Chasing Eveline by Leslie Hauser – eARC (not pictured), tea, swag
  • Brooding YA Hero’s Guide to Achieving Main Character Status by Carrie Ann DiRisio – ARC (format TBD & not pictured), tea, swag
  • Extra swag from other authors!

What K.M. Robinson is contributing to the prize package:

Golden SerendipiTEA prizes


Follow the Tour

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April 17th-Emily Reads Everything: Shaila Patel with SOULMATED

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  1. Book Princess Review (@_bookprincess_) says:

    I was so into my blog hop binge that I forgot to comment XD I was like, ooh, Mandy, you have the perfect thing to say but I read it, hit the like, and then I was off! I now don’t remember it, but I do remember I was going to tell you I’m horrible at hidden objects and I literally only say the person in the teacup and that was it. XD This story sounds so cool, though. Such a cool post! 🙂

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