A Lovely Evening Spent with Sara Zarr

If you ever get a chance to meet Sara Zarr, you should definitely take the time to go. She is an incredible person who’s passionate about the topics she writes about, which definitely shines through in the text of her books. She read an excerpt from her newly released Gem & Dixie, and I had to hold back the tears. I immediately went home and started reading it.

sara zarr 2
Sara is another one of our amazing local authors, so who better to moderate the event than the talented Ally Condie.

sara zarr

Sara was on the edge of tears throughout the event, and it was so moving to see just how passionate she is about writing and sharing her stories with the rest of us. This book was a long time coming for her, especially as it was supposed to release in 2015, so it was so great to see her finally getting a chance to share it.

After hearing Sara talk about what this book is about, and the themes behind the story, it made me want to read it that much more! I’m extremely close to my sister and, although we live an ocean apart, I couldn’t imagine what life would be like without her. We were complete opposites growing up, me being the shy one and her being the social butterfly, but over the years we’ve grown to be the best of friends. The distance hasn’t stopped us from being a support for one another.

Sara discusses the inspiration behind writing a book about siblings in the video below.



This event was, of course, hosted by The King’s English Bookshop!


 Gem & Dixie Tour Schedule

April 4 – The King’s English, Salt Lake City, UT, 7 pm (with Ally Condie)

April 6 – The Tattered Cover at Aspen Grove, Denver – 7 pm – joining Margaret Stohl’s Royce Rolls Tour

April 11 – Little Shop of Stories, Decatur, GA, time TBA (with Becky and Katie)

April 12 – Flyleaf Books, Chapel Hill, NC, 7 pm (with Becky and Katie)

April 13 – Yeast Nashville (through Parnassus Books), Nashville, TN, 6:30  p.m.  (with Becky and Katie) TICKETED EVENT – https://www.eventbrite.com/e/freshly-booked-with-becky-albertalli-sara-zarr-and-katie-cotugno-tickets-32274526979

April 19 – Blue Willow Bookshop, Houston, TX, 7 pm (with Becky and Katie)

April 20 – Barnes & Noble, Frisco, TX, time TBA (with Becky and Katie)

April 21 – Weller Book Works, Salt Lake City, UT (with Nina LaCour)

Check out Sara Zarr‘s page for any updates on events!

Is Sara stopping by a city near you? Have you gotten to attend any author events with her in the past? Is Gem & Dixie in your TBR pile?

5 thoughts on “A Lovely Evening Spent with Sara Zarr

  1. Donna says:

    I was gutted last weekend when some of my favorite authors were in Lyon, which is too far from where I live! I’ve never been to an author event, but it’s on my list! Happy you had fun!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • SarahYAandWine says:

      We are lucky we have so many close. There are some that are about an hour away but we do our best to make it to those when we have the time. It’s hard to do sometimes though. I hope you’ll be able to make it to some in the future because they are really fun!

      Liked by 1 person

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