The Pirate Takeover Tour Commandeers The King’s English Bookshop

In my experience, when you get to meet authors in person, you usually find that they are pretty dang awesome people, but it’s always so neat when you LOVE a book and then when you meet the author their awesomeness actually exceeds your expectations. That was definitely the case for me when I got to meet Nicole Castroman this past Saturday.

I actually had the pleasure of meeting Tricia Levenseller before her book came out, so in that case, I already knew Tricia was awesome and was so thrilled when I read her book and absolutely loved it!

These ladies are both so intelligent, talented, and just plain fun. If you get the opportunity to meet them, I highly recommend taking advantage!

One of the topics they discussed was what interesting facts they learned about pirates while researching their books.

  • Tricia learned the rather gruesome process of how dead bodies float in the water. Apparently they float until the lungs fill with water, at which point they sink. They then float again once the belly and chest fill with enough gas to cause it to rise to the surface.
  • Nicole learned about this horrific punishment known as keelhauling in which a sailor is tied to a line that is looped under the ship. They throw them overboard and drag them under the ship’s keel during which time they are scraped to bits by barnacles.

They also shared some other fun facts throughout the evening that I found incredibly interesting:

  • Tricia obtained her first literary agent at the age of NINETEEN! How impressive is that?!
  • Nicole kind of pantsed Blackhearts but plotted Blacksouls.
  • Tricia thinks that writing book two in a series is as tough as everyone says it is. Nicole says though that it isn’t book two that’s hard so much as writing the ending to a series.
  • Nicole had been pitching to the publishing world for a while that “pirates are the new vampires.” It certainly seems to me that she was right. I know I can’t get enough of them!
  • Nicole was an extra in Captain America: Civil War, and you can actually see her in the movie.
  • If you ever do meet Tricia, ask her to tell you about a pirate named Ching Shih, because she’s almost as cool as Alosa.
  • Also, how COOL are their pirate outfits?!

Who are some authors that you’ve met who just blew you away with their awesomeness? What is your favorite pirate book? Have you read  Blackhearts and Daugher of the Pirate King?

17 thoughts on “The Pirate Takeover Tour Commandeers The King’s English Bookshop

  1. Angela JC says:

    Awesome post! I’m sad I won’t get to see Nicole this time, she was really cool to hang out with during her tour for Blackhearts. Thanks for this post though, it was really fun to read! 🙂 (And so far I am absolutely loving Blacksouls!)

    Liked by 1 person

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