FINAL GIRLS Review and Giveaway!

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Final Girls by Riley Sager is not YA. It’s an adult mystery/thriller, but I was so intrigued by the premise of this one, that I decided I had to sign up for the blog tour. I’m so glad that I did, because this book kept me glued to its pages from beginning to end.

About the Book


Final Girls

by Riley Sager

Publisher: Dutton Press

Release Date: July 18, 2017

Genre: Adult, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller


Ten years ago, college student Quincy Carpenter went on vacation with five friends and came back alone, the only survivor of a horror movie–scale massacre. In an instant, she became a member of a club no one wants to belong to—a group of similar survivors known in the press as the Final Girls. Lisa, who lost nine sorority sisters to a college dropout’s knife; Sam, who went up against the Sack Man during her shift at the Nightlight Inn; and now Quincy, who ran bleeding through the woods to escape Pine Cottage and the man she refers to only as Him. The three girls are all attempting to put their nightmares behind them, and, with that, one another. Despite the media’s attempts, they never meet.

Now, Quincy is doing well—maybe even great, thanks to her Xanax prescription. She has a caring almost-fiancé, Jeff; a popular baking blog; a beautiful apartment; and a therapeutic presence in Coop, the police officer who saved her life all those years ago. Her memory won’t even allow her to recall the events of that night; the past is in the past.

That is, until Lisa, the first Final Girl, is found dead in her bathtub, wrists slit, and Sam, the second, appears on Quincy’s doorstep. Blowing through Quincy’s life like a whirlwind, Sam seems intent on making Quincy relive the past, with increasingly dire consequences, all of which makes Quincy question why Sam is really seeking her out. And when new details about Lisa’s death come to light, Quincy’s life becomes a race against time as she tries to unravel Sam’s truths from her lies, evade the police and hungry reporters, and, most crucially, remember what really happened at Pine Cottage, before what was started ten years ago is finished.

Review and Favorite Quotes


You know I was intrigued by a book premise when I read anything other than YA. It does not happen often, but the idea of a mystery/thriller novel where the main character is a “final girl” had me hook, line, and sinker!


Quincey Carpenter is such a fascinating main character. Due to her memory loss, she is unreliable and definitely keeps you on  your toes throughout the novel. Despite the mental trauma she’s clearly still dealing with, she is doing her best to maintain a modicum of  regular life. She runs a blog, she’s in a relationship, and she’s financially stable.

Final Girl is film-geek speak for the last woman standing at the end of a horror movie. At least, that's what I've been told.-2

Despite the fact that she’s trying to move forward with her future. The traumatic events of her past are never far behind, and even though she can’t remember exactly what happened that night, the parts that she does remember, haunt her.

Final Girl is film-geek speak for the last woman standing at the end of a horror movie. At least, that's what I've been told.-3.jpg

When another “Final Girl” turns up dead, Quincey’s life is set into absolute upheaval. She begins questioning herself, how she deserved to survive that night when all her friends did not, and whether or not she can trust those around her. When the only other surviving Final Girl seeks her out shortly afterward, Quincey tries to relate to her, but it is clear that the two of them have dealt with what happened to them in very different ways.

Final Girl is film-geek speak for the last woman standing at the end of a horror movie. At least, that's what I've been told.-4

As Quincey starts slowly remembering the events of that horrible night, she quickly begins to realize that she can’t trust what she’s been told about the events of that night and that her nightmare may just not be over yet.

Final Girl is film-geek speak for the last woman standing at the end of a horror movie. At least, that's what I've been told.-5

This plot is brilliantly executed with twists that I never saw coming. It kept me on the edge of my seat through the entire read, constantly trying to guess what had happened to Quincey in her past and what was going on in her present. For fans of The Girl on the Train, this book is an absolute must-read!

About the Author

Riley Sager is a pseudonym for an author who has been previously published under another name. A native of Pennsylvania, Riley is a writer, editor and graphic designer who now lives in Princeton, New Jersey.

​Riley’s first novel, FINAL GIRLS (called “The first great thriller of 2017” by Stephen King), will be published in 2017 in the United States, the United Kingdom and more than a dozen countries around the world.

Find Riley online:      

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Have you added this book to your TBR list yet? What are some of your favorite mystery/thriller novels?

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14 thoughts on “FINAL GIRLS Review and Giveaway!

  1. kcmmp13 says:

    This book sounds amazing. I love mystery/thrillers, so this seems right up my alley. I’m not sure who my favorite “Final Girl” is. I really like Lizzy Gardner from TR Ragan’s series.


    • KrystiYAandWine says:

      It was really good. I’m so glad I stepped outside my usual reading bubble for it. 🙂 I’ll have to check out the TR Ragan series! I haven’t heard of that one before.


      • bookprincessreviews says:

        Ahahahahaa. When I first started blogging, I did a lot more. Literally half of my TBR was adult and the other half was YA. But now it’s like alllllllllllllllll YA all the time (and I’m so not complaining XD). But okay, it’s officially on my TBR if you say it was! 😀


      • KrystiYAandWine says:

        Hahaha. I’m all YA all the time, so this was really outside the box for me. But it was fun! I hope you like it if you get to it! 🙂


    • KrystiYAandWine says:

      I hope so! I don’t read a lot of books in this genre, so I don’t feel like I’m as well-versed in it as I am in YA. You’ll definitely have to let me know what you think! 🙂


  2. Michelle @ Pink Polka Dot Books says:

    I love your quote graphics!! Perfectly creepy! I kept wondering the whole book if Quincey really DID remember everything and she was just telling us that she didn’t or what. I definitely didn’t see that 2nd twist coming and I loved that there were 2 twists!! The last 1/3rd of the book was definitely my favorite. Glad you liked the book and I was so happy to have you on the tour!!


    • KrystiYAandWine says:

      LOL. Thank you! I spent way too much time on those. 🙂 She did seem like a really unreliable narrator, which made the book all the better in my opinion. I didn’t predict any of the twists in this one. Thank you so much! I loved participating in this tour!


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