OVER RULED: Book Feature and Wine Pairing

Over Ruled by Brittney Joy is a fun, YA fantasy novel that I had the pleasure of reading earlier this month. I would recommend this book to fans of Marissa Meyer and Kristin Cashore. Thanks so much to Brittney for sharing your work with me!

About the Book


Over Ruled

by Brittney Joy

Publisher: Brittney Joy Books

Release Date: December 7, 2016


Two Girls. One Kingdom. No way out.

Nova Hart knows nothing of Sterling, the kingdom she was born in. She has never been exposed to strict rules, a controlling monarchy, or black magic. So when Nova and her Dad travel back to Sterling to rescue her recently orphaned cousin, she quickly understands why her family packed up and left Sterling sixteen years ago – before Nova could crawl. Stunned by the way magic is used to control the kingdom, Nova is ready to leave the second she arrives, but what she doesn’t know may stop her. Inside the boundaries of Sterling, Nova is being watched, hunted – for a power she’s not sure she has.

Princess Jade has never stepped foot outside the castle, bound by its walls for protection as she’s the sole heir to the throne – and the magic that comes with it. But the Queen’s not ready to give up her royal status. Not now. Not ever. Queen Katrina sees Jade as a hurdle, rather than her legacy. And Jade has started to wonder if the castle walls are truly there to keep her safe.

Fighting for freedom against a queen that wants to crush them both, Nova and Jade are forced to discover their own powers as their separate lives become intertwined by Chael, a royal guard with secrets of his own. But does Chael have the knowledge to help them break free of the queen, or is he using them both to secure his own agenda?


Wine Pairing

I paired Over Ruled with this Wild Horse Pinot Noir. This tale is told through two perspectives. Nova’s, who has a special gift that allows her to connect with all animals, particularly her beloved horse, and Jade’s, who possesses a wild, and captivating magic all her own.

*All wine recommendations are strictly for those of legal drinking age!*

Have you read  Over Ruled  before? What is your favorite independently published YA novel?

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8 thoughts on “OVER RULED: Book Feature and Wine Pairing

    • KrystiYAandWine says:

      Totally understandable. I had to go almost an entire year without drinking wine once because of some health stuff that has since been resolved. Some of it seems silly on the surface, but when you aren’t able to do/eat/drink things that you enjoy because of an illness, it’s really hard to deal with mentally. So my heart goes out to you, my dear. I’m always here for e-support when you need it! <3<3<3


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