CHASING EVELINE: Author Q&A and Giveaway!


Hello, everyone! I am so excited to have my friend Leslie Hauser here on the blog today to chat about her debut novel Chasing Eveline! If you are a fan of YA contemporary fiction and music, then this book is a must read for you!

About the Book

Chasing Eveline_Hauser

Author: Leslie Hauser

Pub. Date: July 11, 2017

Publisher: Pen Name Publishing

Pages: 300

Formats: Paperback, eBook

Find it: AmazonBarnes& NobleTBDGoodreads


Sixteen-year-old Ivy Higgins is the only student at Carmel Heights High School who listens to cassettes. And her binder is the only one decorated with album artwork by 80s band Chasing Eveline. Despite being broken-up since 1989, this rock band out of Ireland means everything to Ivy. They’re a reminder of her mom, who abandoned Ivy and her dad two years ago. Now the music of her mom’s favorite band is the only connection she has left.
Even though Ivy wavers between anger and a yearning to reconnect, she’s one-hundred percent certain she’s not ready to lose her mom forever. But the only surefire way to locate her would be at a Chasing Eveline concert. So with help from her lone friend Matt—an equally abandoned soul and indie music enthusiast—Ivy hatches a plan to reunite the band.
The road to Ireland won’t be easy, though. And not just because there is no road. Along the way they’ll have to win over their Lady Gaga-loving peers, tangle with some frisky meerkats, and oh yeah, somehow find and persuade the four members to play a reunion gig. It’s a near-impossible task, but Ivy has to try. If she can’t let go of the past, she’ll never be able to find joy in the present.

Author Q&A!

1) Music is such an important element in Chasing Eveline. Are you a big music fan yourself? And if so, who are your favorite 80s bands?

Thank you for having me on the blog for a visit today! I love music. I wrote Chasing Eveline as a long love letter to music. I feel as though my whole life has a soundtrack because I am always listening to music. There’s always a song that reminds me of some happy or sad or exciting time in my life.

I love a lot of the 80s music. Some favorite bands are Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, The Cure, New Order, The Go-Go’s, The Psychedelic Furs, XTC and my all-time favorite band ever in the whole world- The Smiths.

2) I love that you’ve set this book in Ireland! Have you visited Ireland before yourself? And if so, did that help inspire this novel?

Yes, I’ve been to Ireland. I loved it there. It’s not just beautiful, but the people are so friendly. My favorite meal was fish and chips out of a newspaper by the side of the road! And I drove while I was there (ON THE WRONG SIDE!) and that was quite an adventure.

I definitely made Chasing Eveline an Irish rock group because of my love for Ireland.

3) Ivy Higgins is such a quirky and fun character. What elements of her personality do you identify with most?

Ha! Her sarcasm, her (often) ridiculous undying hope, and most of all…all the awkwardness! The hashtag of my life is #SoMuchAwkward. Ivy and I have that in common.

4) I love that you take the time to also be an active member of the book blogging community. How do you find time to do that and write?

I think I like writing my blog posts as much as I enjoy writing novels. Blogging takes a lot of time, but it’s worth it. My favorite thing about interacting with book bloggers each week is traveling around to different blogs and seeing the creative ways people put together their posts. It’s like going on a home tour! I get such great ideas for books and for my blog. And it’s also a good way to get book recs. I’ve discovered so many books from book bloggers that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

5) This is your debut novel! HOORAY!!! What has been your favorite part of being a 2017 debut?

My favorite part was holding my paperback copy in my hand. It’s been a dream of mine for a long time to have a book published, and that was the moment it became real.

About Leslie


I am a YA writer and middle school teacher. I have a B.A. in English from UCLA and a Master’s degree in Educational Administration. I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, and currently reside in Los Angeles, California, with my dog Mr. Darcy.

When I’m not living in fictional worlds inside my head, I run all sorts of distances, torture my body at CrossFit, and DVR entirely too many television shows. I dream of one day returning to the Midwest to live on a farm. Or perhaps owning a cookie delivery service.

My debut novel CHASING EVELINE releases in 2017 from Pen Name Publishing.

Website |Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Goodreads

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Have you started Chasing Eveline yet? What are some of your favorite books with music at the heart of them? What are some of your favorite books set in Ireland?

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  1. bookprincessreviews says:

    I didn’t realize Leslie was a book blogger! That’s so much fun and super cool to have that experience and to relate it to writing. Super great interview, Krysti, and it was so much fun to read Leslie’s answers while also reading your questions! ❤


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