THESE THINGS I’VE DONE: Playlist by Author Rebecca Phillips

I’m so excited to have author Rebecca Phillips here on the blog today! I read her new novel, These Things I’ve Done, over the past weekend, and I enjoyed it so much. It is both heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time, and it is also just such a beautiful story of friendship, grief, love, and forgiveness.

Music plays a really vital role in this story, so it’s so much fun to see which songs Rebecca would put on a playlist for this book. This list definitely includes a wide range of music,  and it perfectly reflects the characters in this powerful and poignant story.

These Things I’ve Done Playlist by Rebecca Phillips

I almost never listen to music while writing, so coming up with a playlist for THESE THINGS I’VE DONE took some imagination. All my books have had one corresponding song, a song that inspired me and helped me get into writing mode while drafting. For this book, that song was definitely Ed Sheeran’s I’m a Mess. Listening to it helped me to get into Dara’s head in the present chapters. She’s still a mess after her best friend Aubrey’s death, and she’s also feeling conflicted about her surprising new feelings for Ethan, Aubrey’s brother.

The rest of the book’s playlist is comprised of bands/singers mentioned in the book. Dara loves pop music, and Ethan is a rock/metal fan (with a fondness for metal T-shirts). Their musical tastes are completely different, which I think is reflected here in this wide-ranging list of songs:

“I’m a Mess” – Ed Sheeran


“Sea of Madness” – Iron Maiden

“No More Lies” – Iron Maiden

“My Friend of Misery” – Metallica

“The Struggle Within” – Metallica

“Lonely is the Word” – Black Sabbath

“Sweet Child O’ Mine” – Guns n’ Roses

“This Love” – Taylor Swift

“Ours” – Taylor Swift

“Fearless” – Taylor Swift

“I Was Here” – Beyoncé

“Halo” – Beyoncé 

About the Book

32711722.jpgTitle: These Things I’ve Done

Author: Rebecca Phillips

Pub. Date: August 1, 2017

Publisher: HarperTeen

Pages: 352

A contemporary YA perfect for fans of Courtney Summers and Jessi Kirby, THESE THINGS I’VE DONE is the story of a seventeen-year-old girl who accidentally caused her best friend’s death and, a year later, is still grappling with the consequences.

Dara and Aubrey have been inseparable since they became best friends in sixth grade. However, as they begin their sophomore year of high school, cracks in their friendship begin to form, testing the bond they always thought was unbreakable.

It’s been fifteen months since the accident that killed Aubrey, and not a day goes by that Dara isn’t racked with guilt over her role in her best friend’s death. Dara thought nothing could be worse than confronting the memories of Aubrey that relentlessly haunt her, but she soon realizes it isn’t half as difficult as seeing Ethan, Aubrey’s brother, every day. Not just because he’s a walking reminder of what she did, but because the more her feelings for him change, the more she knows she’s betraying her best friend one final time.

About the Author

From Rebecca’s Website

rebecca author photo

Rebecca Phillips has been writing YA since she was a YA herself. She’s the author of the JUST YOU series, OUT OF NOWHERE (2012 ABNA finalist), FAKING PERFECT (Kensington), ANY OTHER GIRL (Kensington), and THESE THINGS I’VE DONE (HarperTeen, August 1, 2017).

Rebecca lives in beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada with her husband, two children, and one spoiled rotten cat. She absolutely loves living so close to the ocean. When she’s not tapping away on her laptop, she can be found vacuuming up cat hair, spending time with her family, watching reality TV, reading all different genres of books, or strolling around the bookstore with a vanilla latte in her hand.

Rebecca is represented by Eric Smith of P.S. Literary Agency

Have you picked up These Things I’ve Done just yet? What is your favorite song on Rebecca’s playlist?

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14 thoughts on “THESE THINGS I’VE DONE: Playlist by Author Rebecca Phillips

  1. MetalPhantasmReads says:

    That playlist is very interesting; I never expect many YA authors to have bands like Iron Maiden as their book playlists. No complaints with metal music though. Definitely gonna pick this up. Thank you for doing so many fun posts to get people excited about upcoming releases 🙂


    • KrystiYAandWine says:

      It is a very diverse play list, which I love! I had so much fun listening to it while I put the post together. It fits the book perfectly. Thanks so much! ☺️


  2. Jackie B @ Death by Tsundoku says:

    This obviously 100% up my alley. 😀 I adore this post! Krysti– did you request this of Rebecca Phillips, or was this her idea? (also– there is a missing piece in your title, FYI…)

    Rebecca Phillips: I love this playlist! You have an amazingly diverse taste in music. Is the acoustic version of I’m a Mess the original version you had stuck in your mind when writing this book? I love the sound of Ed acoustic!


    • KrystiYAandWine says:

      Thank you for telling me!!!

      I loved this post so much. It was actually her agent that came up with the guest post theme, and I’m so glad she put one together. It is definitely the most eclectic playlist I’ve seen. 🙂


      • KrystiYAandWine says:

        You should just reach out to some authors if that’s something you’re interested in doing. The ones I’ve talked to are always happy to participate. It does help promote their books after all.


      • KrystiYAandWine says:

        Hahaha. I’m totally not. I think the only reason I’m not intimidated by that is because I have so many great local authors here. Of course! Let me know how it goes. 🙂


    • KrystiYAandWine says:

      Thank you! I loved this one in particular, since it’s so diverse. The author did a great job. It’s perfect for the book!


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