TRAITOR’S HOPE Exclusive Excerpt and Giveaway!

TRAITOR'S HOPEI’m so excited to share this exclusive excerpt with you all from Traitor’s Hope by Virginia McClain! Be sure to check it out below and don’t forget to enter the giveaway!

About the Book-2

New CoverTitle: TRAITOR’S HOPE (Blade’s Edge #2)

Author: Virginia McClain

Pub. Date: October 14, 2017

Publisher: Artemis Dingo Productions

Pages: 284

Formats: Paperback eBook

Find it: AmazonBuy The Paperback, Goodreads

Traitors lurk around every bend. Mishi’s mind is betraying her, and she fears her kisō and katana will betray her next. Taka’s heart abandons her for a person she cannot possibly trust. Now that the two friends are obliged to help re-establish peace in the land of Gensokai, the only question is where the next betrayal will come from and if Mishi and Taka will have the strength to survive it.

Exclusive Excerpt

Mishi followed Taka’s leather-clad form through the hallways of the Zōkame wing of the New Council complex, and Mitsu trailed behind them. The grassy smell of the tatami, combined with the layout of the rooms and halls, reminded her of the school she had grown up in, but the size of the grounds and buildings, combined with the quality and abundance of the artwork that covered the walls and doors, was greater than any she’d ever seen save in her first visit to Rōjū City—before she’d stolen a scroll and set half of the decorative gardens on fire.

She briefly wished for a reality in which she had the time and energy to appreciate what she was sure were intricately painted reliefs on almost every door.


Finally, they turned down a hall that led past two large, ornately painted doors guarded by two Eihei. The Eihei simply nodded at them and opened the doors.

Tsuku-san sat in seiza on a slightly raised platform at the far end of the large receiving room. Whoever she had been speaking to must have just been dismissed, for the kimono clad figure rose and exited even as they entered and approached the dais.

“Welcome, Taka-san, Mitsu-san, and Ryūko-san. I have been waiting for you.”


Mishi felt her hand begin to shake even as it reached for the katana that was no longer at her waist. She couldn’t fight again. She couldn’t…

“Ryūko-san, I am honored to have a kitsune-dan Kisōshi as a guest here in Rōjū City, welcome.


Though I believe you deserve a much longer time to recover, after fighting so hard for Gensokai only a few moons ago, I fear I must ask you to fight once more.”

Mishi opened her mouth in order to object then and there, scribes and official requests be damned, but Tsuku-san continued speaking, as though Mishi hadn’t made a sound. Mishi swallowed her objection as best she could. She didn’t wish to make Tsuku-san lose face, but she was already trembling at the mere thought of having to fight once more. She took deep breaths and clenched and unclenched her fists as she tried to focus on the words that Tsuku-san was saying.


She would have to refuse. She didn’t want to make Tsuku-san or the New Council lose face, but she simply couldn’t do it. She—

“Ah, Kusuko-san, there you are. Please come in.”

Mishi turned to see the person Tsuku-san addressed, and felt rage consume her.

About the Author

V and Artemis

Virginia thinks dangling from the tops of hundred foot cliffs is a good time. She also enjoys hauling a fifty pound backpack all over the Grand Canyon and sleeping under the stars. Sometimes she likes running for miles through the desert, mountains, or wooded flatlands, and she always loves getting lost in new places where she may or may not speak the language.

From surviving earthquakes in Japan, to putting out a small forest fire in Montana, Virginia has been collecting stories from a very young age. She works hard to make her fiction as adventurous as her life and her life as adventurous as her fiction. Both take a lot of imagination.

She recently moved to Winnipeg with her husband (a Manitoba native) and their dog.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads

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