My Top Ten Reads of 2019 So Far

Copy of Bright Burns the Night

How in the world is it April already?! 2019 is absolutely flying past in a whirl of keyboard keys and Taylor Swift songs. (I listen to her 1989 album on repeat while I work on my WIP.) It’s been such a great year. I finished my rough draft, have been working on revisions like a mad woman, and also got accepted into Round 6 of Author Mentor Match! Woohoo!!!

I absolutely adore my mentor, and I’m so excited to dig into another round of revisions with her! The downside of all the time I’m spending writing is that I haven’t been able to read as much. I have read 17 books so far this year still, which isn’t even half of my normal pace, but it’s something! And since my time is more limited, I’ve had to be a lot more careful with what I’m choosing to read. Because of that, I’ve really enjoyed everything I’ve picked up so far!!!

Here are my ten favorite books I read in the first quarter of 2019!

My Top Ten Reads of 2019 So Far


Bookish Boyfriends by Tiffany Schmidt – This book is every bit as adorable as the title makes it sound. I also adored Tiffany’s writing style and voice. She pokes fun at some of our beloved romance novel tropes, but in such a great way. I laughed out loud so many times while I was reading. I cannot wait for book two this year!


The Impossibility of Us by Katy Upperman – This is the first time I’ve ever read a book written in verse, and it was lovely! Katy has two POVs in this story and the love interest’s chapters are all written in verse, and it was just gorgeous! The story itself is beautiful and the characters are unforgettable. I read this in January, and still find myself thinking about it. It is just so well-written, and the romance is so, so sweet.


The Last Word by Samantha Hastings – I loved everything about this book. This is exactly the type of historical fiction that I enjoy reading. It’s fun, it’s got a great hook, there is amazing banter between the characters, and it’s super swoony! It comes out in July, and I am already counting down to the launch party, so I can get my finished copy and give it a re-read! It’s seriously that much fun!


Only a Breath Apart by Katie McGarry – I was absolutely in awe of Katie’s character development throughout this entire novel. The emotional depth is just astounding. This is just such a gorgeous novel. This is another one I find myself thinking about all the time even though I finished it months ago. It’s just that powerful of a story.


Field Notes on Love by Jennifer E. Smith – This story has the cutest meet cute in the history of meet-cutes! I adored these characters. The premise was brilliant and so much fun. Jennifer E. Smith is just such a lovely human being and her loveliness always seeps into her characters, which makes reading her books a … well, lovely experience. She is my top auto-buy author. Her books just bring me joy. They’re always such a delight to read, and this one may be my favorite yet.


There’s Something About Sweetie by Sandhya Menon – I adored this book! Sweetie is such a wonderful character. I’ve heard Sandhya talk about this book a lot, and you can absolutely see how much love she put into creating Sweetie. She was sassy, gorgeous, fierce, and loving, the kind of character readers will root for through an entire book and want more of as soon as they turn the final page. There is also a delightful cameo from Dimple and Rishi that Sandhya’s legion of fans will adore.


The Prince and the Dressmaker by Jen Wang – This is the first graphic novel we read for our book club, and it is probably the best discussion we have ever had! This book is important and charming and an absolute delight. The artwork is wonderful and truly brings the story to life. Reading this was so much fun. I cannot wait to read more books from this incredibly talented author.


The Vanishing Stair by Maureen Johnson– I adored the first book in this series, Truly Devious, so I had to pick up The Vanishing Stair as soon as it came out, and it did not disappoint! The main character, Stevie, is one of my favorite characters I’ve read in the past two years. Her love of true crime makes her such an intriguing person to read about. And her intelligence harkens back to Sherlock Holmes. Maureen weaves such a wonderful plot throughout, and I was absolutely in awe of her writing and the way she layers in description so expertly throughout the novel. The book is captivating and atmospheric and just so much fun!


The Deceivers by Kristen Simmons – The King’s English Bookshop got our book club ARCs of this one before it released, and we had such a great time reading it! It’s like Ocean’s Eight meets Harry Potter in a boarding school setting for con artists. I mean, seriously, how great is that hook? I was blown away by Kristen’s ability to combine some very serious, hard-hitting subject matter with a plot and premise that is so much fun. I will be eagerly awaiting book 2 in this series!


Lovestruck by Kate Watson – This book is contemporary rom-com meets Greek mythology, and it was such a joy to read. The story and characters are charming. This is the type of book where you find yourself smiling the entire time you’re reading. It’s cute and fluffy and creative. I adore Kate’s contemporary novels, but it was fun seeing her step outside the box to do something a little bit different. This is definitely a feel-good read and will be perfect for readers packing their bags to hit the beach this summer!

I really enjoyed the other books I read so far this year as well, but these ones are my favorites so far. I’m going to try to read at least 50 books by the end of the year, and I’m so excited to see what other gems I discover along the way.

What books have you guys been loving this year?

20 thoughts on “My Top Ten Reads of 2019 So Far

  1. Lydia Tewkesbury says:

    Aww these all sound so great!

    I love Maureen Johnson, but she has a bit of tendency to drop series in the middle of writing them, so I haven’t gotten around to picking up Truly Devious yet because I am hesitant to pick up another series I might never get the end of! That said I’m sure I’ll cave eventually – she is that good.

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